THE POWER OF STORYTELLING - 4 Weeks to Engage Board and Staff as Passionate Fundraisers

THE POWER OF STORYTELLING - 4 Weeks to Engage Board and Staff as Passionate Fundraisers

Vanessa Chase

Is your non-profit desperately looking for ways to increase your fundraising revenue?

Do you wish you had a magic bullet that would make fundraising a whole lot more comfortable?

Are you tired of feeling that folks just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to the importance of your organization’s work?

Do you want help learning to persuade donors to join you in your mission?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then I’ve got a simple solution for you.


People are not inspired to act by reason alone. No kidding. Telling your audience stories is the most powerful way to engage them emotionally and persuade them to jump right into the story with you to help create the happily ever after. I invite you to join me for the next four weeks on a storytelling journey that will transform your fundraising – making it more effective and a lot more fun!

Think about the very best ads you’ve ever seen. Think about the super bowl ads. Think about Hallmark ads. Stories.

Think about what causes you to root for an Olympic athlete you’ve never heard of until five minutes ago? Stories.

Think about what causes you to make a gift to a terminally ill child whose greatest wish is to be Bat Kid for a day. Stories.

The best news of all - storytelling does not have to difficult!

Ready to Start Telling Stories and Raise More Money for Your Cause?


Please join me for my latest e-course, THE POWER OF STORYTELLING - 4 Weeks to Engage Board and Staff as Passionate Fundraisers

What’s in this E-Course?

Every Monday, you will receive (by e-mail) a comprehensive class guide covering that week’s topic. You can read the guides on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader, or print them out to read at your convenience.

The process is broken into segments so it’s easy for you to manage – and less overwhelming than a workshop or conference. It includes written content, pre-recorded webinars to enjoy at your convenience and a variety of hands-on materials to guide you incrementally towards your goal – raising more money!

Each guide is 20-30 pages and presents everything you need to know to supercharge your storytelling efforts. You’ll find this course to be more robust than many others out there, with plenty of practical tips, worksheets, exercises and checklists to reinforce your learning and serve as handy tools this year and in the future.

Week #1 (June 16) - How Fundraising is Storytelling

• 3 Reasons Boards Loathe Fundraising

• What Boards Need to Overcome the Fear and Loathing

• What Staff Need to Set Boards up for Happily Ever After

• How to Stop Being a “Well-Kept Secret”

• Engaging with Your Own Passionate Story

• How to Connect Organizational Values to Your Story

Bonus 60 Minute Webinar - Teaching Your Board that Fundraising is Storytelling - an interview with Claire Axelrad

Week #2 (June 23) - How To Create A Powerful Culture of Storytelling

• What’s So Important About the Story?

• How do you Collect Compelling Stories?

• 25 Tips to Make Your Stories Unforgettable

• You’re Known by the Stories You Tell: What’s Gripping about Your Organization’s Story?

• Creating Your Story Bank

Bonus 60 Minute Webinar: Storytelling 101 - How to Transform Your Non-Profit Into A Storytelling Non-Profit

Week #3 (June 30) - How to Tell Your Spellbinding Story with Aplomb

• 15 Actionable Storytelling Tips

• Story Archetypes - 4 common characters & 6 common story plotlines

• 6 Elements of a Compelling Story that Resonates

• Heart over Head - How to evoke emotion in your reader/viewer

• Where to Tell Your Stories

Week #4 (July 7) - How to Bring Your Donor into the Story

• Who Cares about the Story, and Why?

• What Connects Folks to Different Stories?

• How to Bring Your Stories to Life

• How Can Board Effectively Share the Story – Yours and Theirs?

• How to Turn Your Stories into Action

• Why Your Story Never Ends (well, hardly ever!)

Learn at Your Own Pace, at Your Convenience

One of the best things about this course is that you can read the guides and listen to the podcasts/webinars from the comfort of your home or office. Though the modules are delivered weekly – and spaced out so as not to be overwhelming (like a full one-day conference might be) -- you don’t have to read or listen to them at an assigned time.

And all the materials are yours to keep! So even if you can’t get through them all immediately, you can use them whenever you have the time and/or inclination. And you can share them with future employees and volunteers as well.

Learn From Seasoned Storytellers

This course is taught by me and fundraising extraordinaire, Claire Axelrad of Clairification.com. You’re in for a real treat!

Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE, has helped nonprofits raise hundreds of millions over a career inspiring volunteers and professionals to implement innovative fundraising and marketing strategies that advance the mission, vision and values of causes addressing society’s most pressing problems. Named Outstanding Fundraising Professional of the Year by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Claire teaches the CFRE course that certifies professional fundraisers. Her blog was recently named “Top Fundraising Blog” by Fundraising Success and she is a regular contributor to Maximize Social Business and Fundraising Success Magazine.

Vanessa Chase is a well-known non-profit consultant and the founder of The Storytelling Non-Profit. She has worked with organizations worldwide to reinvigorate their fundraising capacity, and is an expert in non-profit communications and storytelling. To date she has raised over $10 million for her clients.

Together, Claire and Vanessa want to help your non-profit tell stories that move and inspire your donors to become major lifelong supporters of your organization.

Please join us for this unique e-course and learning opportunity to help your organization raise more money!

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